This publication is to inform Avolve customers of sending / receiving limitations imposed by Microsoft related to their Office 365 Exchange Hosted products. The sending limitations may cause ProjectDox emails to not be delivered especially when using the Site-Wide email feature. 

According to Microsoft, there is a Message Rate Limit of 30 messages per minute from any one email account on all of Microsoft's hosted Exchange products. The following link provides information on their products and the limitations, including sending / receiving limitations. 

Microsoft Exchange Online Limits (Sending and Recieving Limits):

When new ProjectDox projects are created or site-wide emails are sent, email notifications get sent to the SMTP service being used. If the number of outgoing messages exceed Microsoft's limitation (30 mpm), the throttling may cause additional messages to time out and not be sent. 

If this poses an issue, one alternative that has proven effective internally is AWS SES SMTP. Avolve SaaS uses this service and has not experienced issues with outgoing emails.

Amazon SES SMTP Details: