Solarwinds Vulnerability
Posted by Sharon Stubb on 12/22/20 01:07 PM


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Solarwinds Vulnerability

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Avolve was made aware on Sunday 12/13/2020 at 10:06 PM that a SolarWinds product called Orion was compromised by a sophisticated supply-chain attack. Avolve does not use SolarWinds Orion in any of its systems. We are disclosing that we use a SolarWinds product called N-Central. We have been advised by SolarWinds that at this time there is no indication that N-Central has been compromised. We have been in communication with SolarWinds Support to ensure that our version and implementation of N-Central does not pose a threat to hosted infrastructure.

 We will continue to monitor SolarWinds communications and common vulnerabilities exposures (CVE’s) for any further information and threats.

 Thank you,

The Avolve Software Support Team



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