Support Bulletin: ProjectDox Use with 4K Monitors
Posted by Gregory Linkous on 04/01/19 12:38 PM


ProjectDox Use with 4K Monitors

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This Support Bulletin is to inform ProjectDox customers of an issue that has been found with the use of 4K resolution monitors. 

Avolve has heard from several of our valued customers regarding recent crashes with Internet Explorer when opening certain files with the ActiveX Viewer.  Avolve has been investigating this issue with the help of the Technical Support Team at OpenText, the vendor of Brava Server. 

Brava Server is the publishing and viewing component integrated with ProjectDox which utilizes two different technologies for viewing files.  The viewing technology used is based upon the browser being used to access the ProjectDox application.  If the user is using Internet Explorer to access ProjectDox, then the ActiveX Viewer will be opened for viewing files.  If the user is using Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, then the HTML Viewer will be opened for viewing files.

As a result of working with OpenText, an issue has been discovered with the ActiveX Viewer allowing the Windows process to consume a large amount of memory when 2.5k to 4k monitor resolutions are being used.  The memory consumption for Internet Explorer increases greatly with each file opened for viewing with monitors using resolutions in between those ranges.  Internet Explorer has a 1GB memory limit before the application process crashes so it limits the number of files that can be opened at the higher resolutions greatly.  The issue is being worked on for a permanent solution in a future release of Brava Server.

Avolve is suggesting as a workaround, until a solution is provided by the vendor, for monitor resolutions be set to 1k mode.  With the 1GB memory limit for Internet Explorer, this allows approximately 18 files to be opened at a time using a monitor resolution of 1k.  The number of opened files decreases by about half using 2.5k and about a quarter of that with 4k mode. 

Avolve will continue to work on a permanent resolution for this issue with the vendor and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and your users.  As more information becomes available, we will provide you with updates to this Support Bulletin.


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Avolve Support




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