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ATTENTION: PDUG 2020 Rescheduled
Posted by Gregory Linkous on 03/16/20 08:09 PM
ProjectDox User Group Conference 2020 Rescheduled
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Support Bulletin: ProjectDox Use with 4K Monitors
Posted by Gregory Linkous on 04/01/19 12:38 PM
  SUPPORT BULLETIN:ProjectDox Use with 4K Monitors Avolve Software Support Hours of Operation M - F   8:00 am - 5:00 pm MT PH: (888) 511-0090
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This publication serves as notification that upgrading to Google Chrome version 67.0.3396.87 will not display files uploaded onto ProjectDox® if you are using Brava 16.2 version. If you are seeing blank viewer windows or plan on upgrading Google Chrome to version 67, please forward the following instructions to your IT department. Download the zip folder onto the ProjectDox web server by clicking on the link below.
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If OAS is enabled, no temporary password will be generated within the user's _Profile_ screen in ProjectDox when creating a new user. Instead, they will receive an email directly from OAS with a verification code. The user should follow the provided link ...
In ProjectDox, the following values are pulled from a completed OAS application into the Project Creator Service to create a new project: ProjectName = name of the OAS request (can also be overridden by form elements inside the form) Description = nam...
Portal Log Event Types 0 Undefined 1 PasswordChangeRequest 2 EmailSent 3 ApplicationFormInstanceStatusChange 4 PermitSystemError 5 PermitSystemSuccess 6 PaymentSuccess 7 PaymentError 8 ProjectCreateSuccess 9 ProjectCreateError 10 Unh...
There are two ways to create an account: * THE FIRST TIME A USER SSO INTO PROJECTDOX. It doesn’t matter if the user has any projects or not. A user can create an OAS account and immediately SSO into PDox at which time the account is created correctly....